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Drives with a Mission

​The mission of the Sled is to assist low-income NYC Public School students and their families. Nearly 90% of the students we assist are homeless or temporarily housed, living in shelters or other doubled or tripled up with other extended family in temporary housing.

We deliver individualized assistance to children and families who are identified to us through school professionals. The Service Sled coordinates with school officials throughout the year while our Sugarplum Sled launches in time for Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year. Learn more about our drives or find out about established city services for those with needs beyond our mission. 


If you know of a family in need who meets the criteria mentioned above, please encourage them to reach out to their children's school professionals about their needs.  We hope to help as many students and their families as feasible.

Sled Drivers


Erica Hill

Erica is a documentary filmmaker, and private small-business owner who also has experience in the not-for-profit sector. Erica personally worked with and organized donations to PS 188 for three years before the start of the Sled. She has two daughters who attended New York City public schools. 


Rana Strazza

Rana is a writer, and the founding director of a developmental theater, having spent a decade producing large scale corporate, private, and theatrical events. She is a Development Trustee of a non-profit expanding opportunities in housing, health, and human rights. She has two public-schooled daughters and has years-long history with PS 188.


Lisa Gottheil

Lisa has worked in the music business for 30 years and is part-owner of a PR firm in that industry.  She is on the board of a non-profit that works to fund education for nurses working on bone marrow transplant units. She has worked with PS 188 for four years and has two children who attend NYC public schools.


Katie Sperling

Katie is a former adjunct assistant professor at Columbia and has held positions as PTA president, Treasurer and Fundraiser at three public schools. She served on a Joint Task Force for Gifted and Talented Education chaired by Borough Presidents Diaz and Adams. She has two graduates of NYC public-school education.

Sled Sponsors

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