Plum Patrons



You pick, we package. Give any dollar amount and we will get it where it needs to go. Any new gift wishes from newly assigned families, unfulfilled wishes, emergency needs, or extra meals and ongoing outreach. Help us drive the Sled all through to next season.


All Donors

Gave a gift or got onboard? We're sweet on you! You keep our drives going no matter the amount. Thank you for helping push the Sled each season.

All Gift and Dollar Donors


Donors $500-$1000

Our daily outreach typically averages $250/family with some who require recurring assistance. A donation of in this amount is peachy keen and makes us pleased as plums!

Weekly Groceries, Emergency Aid, Delivery Operations, Clothing and Household Needs


Donors $1000+

A generously plump donation! We can help at least (4) families of four with a gift this size, or we can directly assist with larger needs like furniture, electronics, or multiple items for an entire shelter. 

Bulk Clothing, Furniture, Full-Shelter Meals Delivered, Large Family Crisis Care