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Sprinkled Sweetness

Smiles shared and delivered aboard The Sugarplum Sled.

"Thanks for doing what you do! I've been giving gifts with you since the very start and it's been amazing to watch you grow, and help even MORE kids and families. Thank you!" - Lorna

"Every New Yorker deserves a happy, warm, and safe holiday, especially Little New Yorkers! Thank you!" - Jessica

"So happy to have The Sugarplum Sled here to facilitate this gift to you!" - Shira

More sweet sentiments...

"From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being such a reliable and engaged partner in our school year after year. For many of our children, the gift that they will be given during this celebration, is the only gift they will receive thanks to your generosity. Thanks to you, we were able to send our children home with a thoughtful gift for the holidays and 22 of our
neediest families with amazing bundles for the holidays!"​

"I received your generous donation, and it means the world to me. Because of you, I can continue to deal with this unexpected situation without worrying about how to feed myself. Your gift allows me to stay home safe, and prevent me from the Coronavirus. Which means you save my life. Honestly, I am really exceeded by your generosity. I feel so happy, blessed, and lucky to have you as a donor. Once again, thank you again for your help, and I hope to have the same ability and generosity as you to help others.”

“You’re all incredible souls! Can’t thank you enough for helping my most vulnerable.“

"We would like to greatly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have for me and my children they absolutely love their new beds and comforters. I also love the futon you picked out for myself. You cannot know how grateful we are. You have truly helped a lot. You made our house a home.

"Hi there! Love what you have done with this list, thank you for all the hard work to help me help some kids.”


“Thank you so much for...such a generous good deed to put yourself at such huge risk during Covid-19 and of course on a poor weather day. I wish I could also find a perfect way to thank you for being so thoughtful. It seems as if you knew what would brighten my family and (my) day, weeks, and even family and I appreciate it from the bottom of our heart.”

"Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the donation of headphones we have received. We are extremely grateful to be able to provide our families with headphones to assist with their children’s remote learning.  As you may know, families are facing some tough times with all the challenges they have come across this school year. These headphones will make a such a difference in the remote learning experience. Once again, we sincerely appreciate it. Thank you."

—  NYC Shelter Manager

"The one thing I can feel good about is knowing that people in need will be taken care of because of you. You are doing the real work. Sending over food and meals was to (him) was the kindest thing you could have done. (Another) texted me and told me you took care of him again. You have no idea of the impact you are having on families and unaccompanied youth."

"I have forwarded the images of all the items you and the Sugarplums ordered. She was super excited and couldn't believe how much you guys ordered for her and the boys. I myself could hardly hold my tears back. We were both at a lost for words. We could hardly believe everything you guys were able to order. This was such a grand gesture...You have taken such a huge load of stress off her shoulders. Please know how grateful and blessed she feels."

"Hope this helps bring some holiday cheer to families in need. Thanks for all the work you're doing!"

"Thanks for all the wonderful work Sled Team! Wishing you a wonderful holiday!" 

"I am touched beyond words by the caring and generosity that individuals such as yourselves have shown in response to the needs of our students. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to light our students' faces with smiles and supporting our families with essentials during this time of need. Your willingness to help and support our community in any capacity warms our hearts with joy and reminds us that the work we all do is SO important. With deep appreciation we send wishes for a warn, fulfilling, and joyful Holiday Season! We hope that wherever you may travel you continue to be the bright light that you are that shines on our community."

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