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Hop on. Help out.


See just how sweet it is to fulfill a Sugarplum's specifically requested holiday Gift Wish and help sprinkle cheer to last into the New Year!

Fairy Force

Earn your wings by wrapping Sugarplum Wishes at one of our 2023 Wrap 'n Flaps. Help us help others have a happy holiday!


Help push the Sled on Social Media, refer us to Corporate Match programs and spread the sugar about our work!

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We can't take off without you and your generous support. Keep the Sled Driving all year long. Donate any dollar amount today!

Contact Us


110 Wall St.
New York, NY 10009

Want to take a ride with the Sled? Send us a message!

Hope you hop onboard soon!

Our Home for the Holidays:

(thru December 2023 ONLY)

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