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You choose it, we deliver. Here are the most-requested needs of the families seeking the Sled's assistance each season. Based on a family of four, where applicable.

Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting Bundle for the sugarplums with sibling bundles of joy!  These baby buntings include the most requested items from families with infants. We know the sizes needed to nestle them!


A frequent request of families who seldom know where they will be tucking their children in at night. We know their individual sizing and set needs to let them rest easier!

Bundle Up

Help keep our sugarplums from the frosty chill of wintertime. The Bundle Up Bundle supplies a a parent and child with winter coats, hats, and gloves. What a way to warm a heart!

Bunches to Munch

We check off the grocery list for a family's holiday feast or deliver needed staples to keep bellies full over holiday breaks for those families who rely on school-provided meals.


We deliver furniture and furnishings, beds, mattresses, linens, dining sets or cookware for families transferring from congregate facilities into temporary housing and first homes. 


We've covered funeral costs, replaced housewares lost in fires, outfitted a family of four, and combined our other bundles to offer an abundance of relief to those most in need.

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