Daily Dollop!

Our Confectioners posted these comments to share with Sugarplums during the 2021 Season


12/21 Happy, Happy Holidays! 🎁 


12/20 Happy Holidays! 🎁 


12/19 Have a lovely holiday, Noah. Sending joy to you and yours. 


12/19 Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

12/18 Wishing a safe, healthy, and happy holiday and 2022!!! Sending all our love from our family to yours!


12/18 From Santa's Elves


12/17 Wishing you a very happy holiday.  Lisa U.


12/17 Happiest holidays to you! 




12/15 Happy holidays, Namory! Best wishes to you and your family.


12/14 Mario -- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


12/13 Hey, I hope you have nice holidays and I hope you enjoy this gift card and that it makes your day a little better. =) Happy holidays, August (age 12)


12/13 Love your choice of shirt - enjoy!


12/13 with love from a new york neighbor


12/13 Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy your cozy beautiful sweater. 

12/13 Merry Christmas!!!


12/12 Merry Christmas. I hope you have lots of fun and great food!


12/12 Merry Christmas!


12/10 Happy Holidays, Aimane!  Dream big and let all your wishes come true!  Love, Santa 

12/10 Have a very merry Christmas!!!!


12/10 Have a happy and safe holiday season! Hope these goodies can bring you some peace and joy. Love, Shelly, Brian, Baby Kaiden, and Hudson the Dog


12/9 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most awesome kid of them all? Wishing you Janeyshka, a very happy holiday. Stay kind, stay cool!


12/8 Happy Holidays!!


12/8 Enjoy! I have used Lush items before and they smell SO SO GOOD!


12/8 Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy this little bit of cheer all year long!


12/7 Happy holidays, Julian! Enjoy the headphones!


12/7 Dear Husam, we hope you have a very happy holiday! Keep up the great work at school!


12/7 Merry merry Christmas!  Wishing you all good things in 2022!


12/6 Happy holidays <3


12/6 Merry Christmas!


12/6 Happy holidays!! Hopefully the small things make a difference!


12/6 Have a cozy and wonderful holidayys!❤️


12/5 Merry Christmas!  From the Pollack Family.  


12/5 Lots of love in the big apple!


12/5 Happy holidays, Emmie! We just got new sneakers too & we <3 your style!


12/5 Merry Christmas, Kaleah!


12/5 Happy holidays, Kayshla!

12/4 Happy Holidays! 


12/4 Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and hopeful holiday season and new year!  Hugs from a New York neighbor 

12/4 Wishing you the happiest of holidays and best of new years!

12/4 Happy Holidays! We hope you love your presents, we thought they were super cool.  Love - Marlowe (age 7) and Greta (age 3)


12/4 Happy Holidays! Enjoy, and have a healthy and happy 2022!


12/2 Happy holiday!   

12/1 Happy holidays!


12/1 Deshawn, happy holidays to you! Hope you enjoy the shoes! Best wishes, Carrie

12/1 Happy Holidays from Joe and Michelle!


12/1 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are the sweetest! Love, Santa


12/1 Have a wonderful holiday Kaden !  Hope you enjoy this gift.


12/1 Wishing you a happy holiday, Frayda!

12/1 Happy Holidays!!


12/1 Happy holidays Mohamed!  Wishing you a sweet new year.

11/30 Happy Holidays!!!


11/30 Sending love and light always 💜

11/30 Happy Holidays! Enjoy every second with your new toys and have tons of fun. 


11/30 Have a wonderful and creative holiday!


11/30 Happy Holidays! Sending load of LOVE to you! xoxo 


11/29 Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!


11/29 Have fun!


11/28 happy holidays wishing you and your family a year of health and blessings and joy love, sylvie, eli, and asher (7,4, 2) :) 


11/28 Happy holidays!! May your holiday be merry and bright :). 


11/27 Wishing you a festive holiday season!


11/27 Happy Holidays from our family! We hope you love your toy and have the best time playing with it!

11/26 Happy holidays!  Enjoy the gift.

11/25 Happy Holidays!! Thank you for being you.

11/25 I love the style! Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!

11/24 Happy Holidays, Mamadou! I hope you enjoy this gift and have a wonderful holiday -- Dana, Nicole and Whit

11/23 Happy Holidays! We hope you have a fun time with your new holiday toys, Love from Elena, Sasha and Ronni​

11/22 Happy Holidays, you are wonderful and I hope kindness shines on you this season.

11/22 Happy holidays! I hope you have fun with the game.

11/22 Happy holidays!!

11/21 Happy Holidays! I remember how much I loved my doll when I was a little girl and I hope you love yours too! 

11/21 Merry Christmas and happy EVERY day!

11/21 Happy holidays, Talib!! From your Sled pals!

11/21 Have a magical holiday! <3 Erica

11/20 I hope this gift brings you joy this holiday season! All my best to you and your family.

11/19 Happy Holidays!

11/17 Enjoy! My son LOVES playing with Beyblades and I hope you have a lot of fun!

11/17 Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Love, Beckett and Flynn

11/17 Happy Holidays!

11/16 Happy Holidays!!!

11/15 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Wishing you so much joy, happiness and love this holiday season. - Carmen MH.

11/15 Please direct to area around PS163 (2075 Webster Ave) if you can, I used to teach there

11/15 Rita

11/15 Ali Higgins

11/15 From Lina, Happy Holidays!

11/15 Happy holidays!!!

11/15 Happy Everything! Enjoy your present! Sending lots of love 

11/15 Happy holidays!!!