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A Platinum Level GuideStar Charity.

On a Mission

Driving to deliver the urgent, requested needs of housing-insecure NYC public school children and their families who are identified to us by public school and social welfare professionals.


Daily Delivery

Groceries, diapers, cookware, home goods, furniture, and essential supplies delivered year-round.

Seasonal Delivery

Specific, individually requested gift wishes delivered to students and families during the holidays.

Emergency Delivery

Crisis care and support for funereal services, and other extreme circumstances in time-sensitive situations.

​The mission of the Sled is to assist low-income NYC Public School students and their families. Nearly 90% of the students we assist are homeless or temporarily housed, living in shelters or other doubled or tripled up with other extended family in temporary housing.

We deliver individualized assistance to children and families who are identified to us through school professionals. The Service Sled coordinates with school officials throughout the year while our Sugarplum Sled launches in time for Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year. Learn more about our drives or find out about established city services for those with needs beyond our mission. 


If you know of a family in need who meets the criteria mentioned above, please encourage them to reach out to their children's school professionals about their needs.  We hope to help as many students and their families as feasible.

Hop on. Help out.

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Let's go Sledding!

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