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2022 Sugarplums

The 2022 Sugarplum Sled is 100% fulfilled and Delivered! Thank you, Confectioners, for climbing to the top and coming with us for the ride!


On a Mission

Driving to deliver the urgent, requested needs of housing-insecure NYC public school children and their families who are identified to us by public school and social welfare professionals.

Daily Delivery

Groceries, diapers, cookware, home goods, furniture, and essential supplies delivered year-round.

Seasonal Delivery

Specific, individually requested gift wishes delivered to students and families during the holidays.

Emergency Delivery

Crisis care and support for funereal services, and other extreme circumstances in time-sensitive situations.

The Story of Our First Ride

The Sled got its start on November 19, 2019 when The New York Times featured a story on the day-in-the-life of two of New York City's 114,085 homeless students. The children in the article, Sandival and Darnell attend PS 188 on Manhattan's Lower East Side and PS 76 in East Harlem. That very day, an annual holiday drive for PS 188
(that was inspired by this story) was canceled.

Hearing the schoolchildren's wishes would go unfulfilled, a few resourceful friends decided to take on the wishes of both schools. They added two more schools, and ultimately fulfilled over 1000 wishes while raising $55,000 in an expanded effort to make the season especially bright.

With the coronavirus pandemic, these 'Sugarplum Fairies' came back in new tracks. The Sled Drivers deliver essential, emergency relief to children and families experiencing crises across every season. Still, each holiday, they - and their
Fairy Force - sprinkle more of the magic that started it all.


Hop on. Help out.

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Let's go Sledding!

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