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Services Delivered

Thousands of New Yorkers in need have received the goods to get well or well-rested through the Sled's Drives. Since 2019 and through the pandemic, we have supplied packages of food, medicine, weekly groceries, bedding, furnishings, and emergency funding support ranging from $100 to over $2500 dollars.


Beds, mattresses, and bedding for confined families converting common space to sleeping quarters.


  Cookware, dishes, supplies and appliances carted to families relocating to temporary housing with hotplates or kitchens.


Goods and groceries, school supplies, and essentials for families and first responders.


We fulfill the individual wishes specifically requested at the holidays by dreaming Sugarplums. 


Medicine, disinfectants, doctor consult, hygiene products and diaper deliveries for families.


We stock up on seasonal clothing, coats, essential undergarments, and accessories to keep our families comfortable all year.


We get the stuff and the stuffing for grateful families giving thanks with full plates in time for Thanksgiving.


We bring the holly and our families find the jolly with trees, lights, decorations, and all the jingle to deck the halls in December.


We cut through red tape to provide urgent, critical care to families experiencing extreme, tragic loss from fires, loss of life, and illness.

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