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Delivering the Visions Dancing in the Heads of NYC's Sugarplums

Delivering to NYC's Neediest

We'll take your contribution and deliver specific needs requested by our families or those identified to us by school and social welfare professionals. 

Nearly 90% of the students serviced by the Sled live in shelters or temporary housing. Through our Service Drives, we directly aid and comfort some of NYC's most vulnerable.

Find out who we are and what drives us.

Last year, good will from good folks helped push the Sled over the hill. With overwhelming support (and shoutouts from CNN, NYT, and AOC) we fulfilled and delivered over 1000 individual wishes and raised $55,000 with which we continue to assist hundreds of families in crisis who are referred to us by social welfare and school officials. 

It can still be the most wonderful time of the year if we work together to make it merry for even more. THE 2020 SUGARPLUM SLED WISH LIST HAS LAUNCHED.


​Donations received last holiday season and since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic continue to aid NYC families in crisis who are directly identified to us by School professionals and DOE social welfare workers. Since the crisis began, through our established connections, we have assisted hundreds of children and families who need individual attention and are routinely without basic needs. Please help us continue to extend this local aid with the hopes for wellness and wholeness as we navigate toward recovery from COVID-19.


For 2020, we coordinated with school and shelter officials for best-practices to safely deliver holiday joy to even more children and families. Our growing list of 1200+ sugarplums from schools with large populations of homeless or temporarily housed students, received your generously donated gifts through outreach efforts designed specifically to prevent the spread of anything but seasonal cheer. Further, we developed  contingencies to deliver despite the pandemic's potential to upend school schedules.

The one thing I can feel good about is knowing that people in need will be taken care of because of you. You are doing the real work.  — NYC School Social Worker


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